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Maze Collective Studio is a photography studio in Delhi that focuses on analogue and alternative processes.

It has been active for over four years, conducting workshops, mentoring artists, and collaborating with other art disciplines. The studio also offers mentored Artist Residency programs for young practitioners, aiming to create a healthy ecosystem and eliminate barriers for those without access to proper academic curriculum for their practice.

In 2015 Ashish Sahoo along with 4 other photographers came up with an idea of community darkroom. They planned to create a space where inspiring and professional photographers can learn analogue photographic techniques and use the studio for their projects. They rented a space in Chattarpur, New Delhi and build the space. The idea was to make it self-sustainable. Soon after a year Ashish found himself alone with the studio as the other four left Delhi and went back to their hometowns. Ashish kept the studio and used it as his personal studio and sometimes he use to take personal workshops. In 2019 Zahra Yazdani came to India on a residency program and after that, she contacted Ashish to take a week-long workshop on some 19th-century photographic processes. She was looking for studio space in India where she could frequently come and work and Ashish was looking for a studio mate to sustain the space. There they decided to run the studio together to make their work.

2020 covid hits and the lockdown put everything to halt. But during this time, Ashish & Zahra were already working on a collaborative project, where the idea of forming Maze Collective started. Being photographers and Mentors themselves they realised there are not many institutions specifically for young photographers who don’t get the opportunity to study in reputed institutions. They decided to create a space where they can offer mentorship programs and workshops to such photographers and provide them with as much opportunity as they can in their capacity. This is how Maze came into existence.


The first Maze workshop was held in Delhi on March 2020. Since then the Maze community has grown to over 100 members. Maze is an open space for all aspiring photographers to share their ideas and get inspiration from the best photographers.

In 2023, Maze was officially got registered and formed Maze Collective Trust, under which Maze Collective Studio became an initiative of the trust.

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