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ˈbīˌōm / बायोम

Artists Arun Kumar, Dheeraj Londe and Rai focused their subject matter on a specific place, exploring practices, materials and people that make up the ecology of it. Through keen observation, each of them found ways to commemorate their experience of the place. Whether it be the fading of a generational practice, the onslaught of tourism in a hilly place, or the incessant cycle of construction. They have a unique lens on the hypocrisies of “development” that considers the environmental and social implications on the ecology as time goes by. For this open studio, we invite you to share their interrogation, memories, and concerns for the spaces we occupy. 


The residency offered a time and space to get into the nitty-gritty of photo printing. A very slow process that demanded iteration and patience allowing the residence to gain perspective and observe what they had captured through their lenses.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Vrinda Aggarwal


Dhiraj Londhe

Dhiraj londhe has always believed that everyone has the potential with different life journeys. He is a “Mobile Photographer” and experiments with creating “Photo-Collage”.

Londhe has Completed his masters in “Environmental Technology” and is the recipient of “Swachta sarthi fellowship” in 2021.

Londhe also work as a theatre light designer and has worked on various performance.

Londhe convey his environmental message through art as he believes that art is the best medium to connect with new people and the surroundings.

rai photo.jpg


Rai is an artist and researcher currently based out of Goa. Her work tends to move around themes of spatial negotiation and permeability involving image, text and site responsive installations. 



Arunkumar is a documentary photographer based out of Perambalur,T.N . His works show the local culture and the people involved in it. 

His recent ongoing projects are about the local festivals and the nuances that surround it. 

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