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Gum Oil



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Arun is a self-taught, freelance photographer from Chennai with an interest in archival photographic processes. He focuses on the contemporary forces of development of Indian identity, traditional culture and natural environments. He investigates his subjects with an eye for geometry and contrasts of light and shadow

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priya thakur

Priya's photographic practice attempts to explore the melancholia in addition to the tenderness the world offers to her. She loves poetry and aspires to add a poetic quality to her work. Her creative process is to catch good light, document friends and family and make self portraits. She loves to scribble in her journal and take long walks


upendra sinha

Upendra is a documentary photographer and filmmaker living between Durg and Delhi. He started his journey as a photographer in 2018 and focuses on socio-economic topics such as Human Rights, Environment, Anthropocene, and moments of life

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