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Residents for May-June 2023

Albumen & Salt print


Soumyabrata Kundu


As an amateur photographer with a particular interest in portraits, I situate photograph as a gateway that blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Interactive in nature, my practice investigates the nature of interpretation in the context of printmaking—it is an invitation to appreciate the ordinary. 

Vinati Sehgal

New Delhi

Vinati is a researcher & visual artist, working within the intersections of sociology and visual arts. While Photography is her main choice of media, She’s also recently become interested in moving imagery and zines. She approaches each subject individually trying to analyse how best to express the same. The theme of the work defines its medium. She likes to  experiment with new modes of expression and techniques within her practice. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Diploma in Documentary Photography, she’s forwarded her academic interests with an MA in Visual Sociology from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Presently, she’s been practising visual arts in Delhi and occasionally teaches documentary photography & photobook making to young photographers. 

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Abhishek Babu


Abhishek Babu is a self-taught photographer driven by his inert instinct and longing to document his presence in form of images. He believes in the style of no style which led to accepting photography beyond the medium, genres, and techniques. His work spans from editorials to personal documentaries and inculcates an essence of presence, depicted in the space around the subject. This alternative approach has been a natural sediment for his endeavor with both digital & analog mediums.

Residence for June-July 2023

Gum Oil Printing

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Parizad D


Parizad D is a lens-based visual artist. She employs an interdisciplinary approach to create works that portray a sense of cohesion while retaining their multitudinal nature. Her practice has a strong ritualistic element to it, beginning with the documentation of her environment which percolates over a period of time and takes on multiple forms. An integral part of this process is foraging for objects - often with a focus on botanicals - which are then incorporated into her works. Her relationship with this organic matter goes beyond the initial aesthetic admiration of beauty; instead, it draws inspiration from their inherent ephemeral nature. Through the natural degradation and intentional disintegration of this external biology, she creates bodies of work that relate to her own personal relationships with grief, loss and a fragmented & dissociated sense of time and memory.  She employs image-making techniques both analogue and digital as a way of archiving her movement through multiple public, cultural and social spaces. She is engaged in tracking the passage of time wherein the subjects of her imagery are transformed into containers - allowing them to remain at once completely still, yet perpetually in motion.

Ayush Goyal


 As is the case with most photographers, I shot whatever I could without knowing what I should. It wasn't until I was camping and trekking through the Himalayas for a month, chasing perfect landscapes and portraits, that I knew what I ought to be photographing. As I spent more time on the trails, it became clear what I wanted to portray in my work. The landscapes, zoned in, to show the incredible details, as a metaphor for the different textures of life. The portraits, of people who work with their hands and bodies, to show what was always essentially a part of  'being human'.


Disha Gupta


Disha Gupta is an experimental photographer who dips her hands in multifarious mediums catering the need of the narrative. Enduring her inclination towards visual design, she started persevering to multifarious fields including graphic design,and interaction design. Though image making has always been her place to perpetuate creativity and experiments.

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