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Albumen Printing



soumyabrata kundu

As an amateur photographer with a particulare interest in portraits, Soumyabrata situates photographs as a gateway that blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual. His interactive practice investigates the nature of interpretation in the context of printmaking - it is an invitation to appreciate the ordinary. He's currently residing in Kolkata.


vinati sehgal

Vinati is a researcher and visual artist, working within the intersections of sociology and visual arts. While photography is her media of choice, she has also discovered a newfound interest in moving imagery and zines. She approaches each subject individually, and allows the theme of the work to define the medium. She loves to experiment. She's currently practicing in Delhi.


abhishek babu

Hailing from Bilai, Abhishek is a self-taught photographer driven by his inert instinct and longing to document his presence in the form of images. He believes in the style of no style, letting go of the construct of genres, techniques and medium. His works spans from editorials to personal documentaries and inculcates inculcates an essence of presence, depicted in the space around the subject.

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